Technology & Method

We are dedicated to utilising technology in all the processes of our operations, starting from collection to verification and analysis. This is to create a robust product that depends on cutting edge technology, minimises the margin of error and continues to better and enhance the precision of our results.

To do that, we have developed in-house technologies that collect data by aggregating the open source for information specific to our clients’ needs; we monitor, collect, and sift through all the information in real-time using complex big data infrastructure. To acquire a wider range of collected information, we have developed (Arabic NLP) algorithms to better understand the spoken Arabic language in the 5 different dialects.

Trend analysis and forecast is not a guessing game; it is numerical data that is drawn across a timeline and monitored in relation to external factors to provide solid early warnings and a holistic risk mitigation system. We continue to monitor and collect data to draw a better, more accurate prediction and trend analysis.