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RedCrow Monthly Report July 2019

This monthly report provides analysis on major incidents that were reported during the month of July in PA controlled areas, Hamas controlled areas, and Israeli controlled areas. The overall security threat level has decreased this month compared to previous months, despite recent demolitions.

Although, on July 22nd, Israeli bulldozers escorted by hundreds of Israeli Security Forces demolished over 10 residential buildings containing around 100 apartments, located in Wadi al-Hummus neighbourhood in Eastern Jerusalem. In addition to that, a Saudi blogger who was part of a delegation of Arab journalists invited to visit Israel, was assaulted by Palestinians, while visiting the old city of Jerusalem. This report also focuses on the current political situation in these areas, as well as bring attention to upcoming events that are expected to take place during the upcoming month.

The overall security threat level has decreased during the month of July when compared to the previous month of June by 9.17%, since the total number of reported incidents decreased from 218 to 198. As such, when looking closer at the numbers of reported incidents we see the following changes: clashes went down to 31.25%, arrest operations went down by 6.9%, and military operations increased by 8.96%.

Published: Aug.06,2019