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RedCrow Monthly Report August 2021

This monthly report is aimed at highlighting the major incidents that took place during the month of August of 2021. This report also sheds light on the current political situation, and the developments that have unfolded in that regard this month. 
During this month, the security threat level has increased in the occupied West Bank and in the Gaza Strip. Armed clashes in Jenin were reported again this month and resulted in the killing of four Palestinians by Israeli forces. The incident prompted a number of speculations and assessments regarding the development of an armed struggle in the West Bank and whether further developments might unfold in the future. In Gaza, more than 70 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces, two of whom succumbed to their wounds, amid the continuation and the tightening of the Israeli blockade on the Strip. One Israeli forces’ member was killed on the Gaza border after a Palestinian protester opened fire towards him. Furthermore, Israeli daily bombardment of the Gaza Strip was reported the last ten days of the month. 

Published: Sep.05,2021