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RedCrow Monthly Report January 2021

This monthly report sheds light on major incidents that took place during the month of January in PA, Israeli, and Hamas controlled areas. The overall security threat level this month has increased compared to the previous month of December. 
During this month, three Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli forces near Bethlehem and Salfit, while one Palestinian was shot in the neck in Yatta causing him quadriplegia. In Israeli controlled areas, clashes between Haredim and Israeli police were reported throughout the month over lockdown measures. In Basmat Tab’un, near Nazareth, a Palestinian was shot and injured by Israeli Police and succumbed to his wounds three days later on Jan. 11th. Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, on Jan. 18th and Jan. 19th, caused material damages and the injury of one person. This report also focuses on the current political situation, as well as brings attention to upcoming events that are expected to take place in February. 

Published: Feb.07,2021