Real-time Intelligence


You and your organization are only as strong as the data and risk intelligence that inform you. Supported by the right insight, you can add protective measures against any threat that comes your way. As such, having access to real-time security intelligence helps gain visibility into the threat landscape and understand where your efforts should be placed. Not only that, but having this information anywhere and anytime gives you leverage and the support needed to take a proactive approach to security.

Our system monitors incidents in real time and hones in on volatile regions. RedCrow’s state of the art technology validates, verifies and delivers security information on a wide, easy-to-use platform.

We utilize technical capabilities to help you stay informed at all times through the following:

RedCrow’s online dashboard provides you with what you need to know to ensure business continuity and personal safety by bringing all the information you need into one place. RedCrow’s system offers real-time MENA-related security intelligence, around the clock threat and incident monitoring, news monitoring, statistics and trends, interactive incidents map, and a compilation of related reports by the UN and think tanks that will transform your company’s risk and security management process.

Features Include:
The alerts log features a minute-by-minute tactical feed that highlights current risks and offers counteractive recommendations to avoid detected threats. Supported by a high-efficiency system, our alerts give prominence to the location of the incident on a geopolitical map along with its distance from the nearest city. The alerts log also links related incidents that are taking place in the same time period together, and it provides information on the locations' incidents history.
Mapping System
The mapping system acts as an extension of our alerts log and geopolitical intelligence. It spotlights three different maps, each enabling the user to allocate critical locations, potential threats and incidents count.
Mass Media Watch
The Mass Media Watch function automatically collects security-related news feed from local, regional, and international channels. As per unique needs and requirements, major points in the text are color-coded and presented conveniently based on the threat level of each text. This not only keeps you updated on events and incidents, but it also helps give context to the security updates you receive through our system.
Incident Comparison Chart
Our interactive chart allows you to compare the number of security incidents in your given location within a certain timeframe. This feature is especially useful for analyzing security over time and forecasting future incidents.

Our user friendly mobile app provides quick access to the dashboard for those on the move. Having access to intelligence alerts and maps at your fingertips makes risk management faster and easier to conduct from anywhere in the MENA region. The RedCrow App includes threat incident monitoring, an incident map, tracking and a panic button.

Feature Include:
Real-Time Alerts: Inform you of events that could disrupt plans near your premises 24/7. Alerts are shown based on specified severity level and location preferences.
Early Warnings: Notify you ahead of time of any expected incidents happening in a specific area.
Panic Button: Allows you to phone in when in danger.
Customizable Settings: You can customize settings by adding filters, enabling notifications and specifying certain locations.
Automated Recommendations: Help facilitate crisis management and speed up decision-making process with an analysis and recommendation for each incident.
Near Me Mode: Allows you to view incidents occurring within 3-5 km of your location.
Embedded Alert Maps: Reduce risk and avoid disturbance by viewing your location on an easy-to-read map in relation to the area where an incident is occurring.