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About RedCrow

RedCrow provides risk mitigation solution to organizations and individuals operating in volatile environments; through a fully automated platform and mobile application.

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Products & services

A fully automated system that crawls online sources to detect current and potential threats, process the collected data and deliver the information in practical delivery forms.


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Political Turbulence in Israel after Gaza Ceasefire

Last Sunday, an undercover Israeli unit involved in a covert operation was intercepted by Hamas members in Gaza. This incident triggered deadly clashes that left seven Palestinians and one ISF agent dead. This later evolved into a firefight in which...

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New Round of Escalations in the Gaza Strip

On Sunday, Nov. 11th ISF carried out a military operation in the Gaza Strip targeting a militant group in the Khan Yunis area, which resulted in seven militant fighters being killed. As armed clashes reportedly broke out, one ISF personnel was killed...