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About RedCrow

RedCrow provides risk mitigation solution to organizations and individuals operating in the volatile environments; through a fully automated platform and mobile application.

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Products & services

A fully automated system that crawls online sources to detect the current and potential threats, process the collected data and deliver the information in practical delivery forms.


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Escalations in the Gaza Strip

On Saturday July 14th, Israeli Security Forces (ISF) launched its most severe airstrike campaign against the Gaza Strip since the war of 2014 (i.e. Operation Protective Edge) after militants allegedly fired over 200 rockets and other projectiles towa...

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Earthquakes Rattle Jordan and Israel; Israelis Prepare for Larger Quake

On Wednesday and Thursday, a total of 11 earthquakes measuring up to 4.7 on the Richter scale were confirmed by the Jordan Seismological Observatory (JSO) to have struck Lake Tiberias in the northern part of the country over a period of eight hours....